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Heated Toilet Seats UK: What are the Benefits?

Upgrading your toilet might not seem like a priority, but it should be with it arguably being one of the most used items in every home. Previous research from UK Active found that adult Brits spend an average of three hours a week on the toilet. Creating a more comfortable restroom experience can therefore enhance your day-to-day routine as well as improving the look and feel of your bathroom.

Heated toilet seats, built with a heating mechanism to achieve a warm sitting surface, are the perfect device to modernise a bathroom. You can either update your existing fixture with an attachable heated seat or invest in a fully smart toilet. Smart toilets are impressive gadgets, often coming with several other features, including a deodoriser, night light, and even an automatic body sensor for warming up.

But how exactly will a heated toilet seat benefit you and your property?

1) Added comfort

There's nothing worse than the shock of sitting on a cold toilet seat, especially in the middle of a winter night. A heated toilet seat makes this experience much more relaxing and luxurious. You can also adjust the temperature to suit your preference and seasonal weather changes.

2) Relieves muscle tension

Cold temperatures and weather can trigger discomfort for people who have arthritis or chronic pain. However, a heated toilet seat can act as a form of heat therapy for those who struggle with these issues, by promoting increased blood flow which can help to relieve minor aches and pains.

3) Minimal energy required

Heated toilet seats need minimal electricity to function, so don't worry about it causing your energy bills to soar. Some models also have energy-saving modes to limit your energy consumption further.

4) Modern aesthetic

An old-fashioned toilet will look out-of-place in a contemporary bathroom. Replacing your outdated fixture with a smart toilet will enhance the room's overall appearance, complement your interiors and impress any guests due to the unit's sophisticated design.

5) Easy to use

Smart toilet seats often have a remote attached to the wall or the fixture's side, so even those unfamiliar with modern technology can easily manage the settings.

In general, a heated toilet seat can make something as essential as using the lavatory a much more pleasant and even enjoyable experience, along with easing muscle tension and providing warmth during winter. Not only do heated toilet seats have a number of handy benefits for health, they look the part and can elevate the style and aura of any bathroom.

Interested in upgrading your bathroom technology with a heated toilet seat?

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