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Good if not better than the Japanese ones

"Having used these toilet seats in Japan I did not expect the one I ordered to be on a par with them.
However I am pleasantly surprised as they are as good if not better than the originals.
Great product, very Happy."


A* for Customer Service

"Hello KAREN, what can I say? Never in all my years have I received such prompt and reliable after-sales service. I cannot speak highly enough of the company you run. You're polite and very efficient, but at the same time you have a wonderful sense of humour.(I never would have considered giving a live commentary about the functionality of a bidet).
We have decided to go with the Ultra DR model
Thanks once again KAREN for all your help.
Best regards


service at its best

"Hi Karen.
Just to let your customers know that if they want this type of toilet and particularly if they are 1st time buyers then give you a phone, when buying this type of seat you need to talk to people with knowledge of the item, how it is used, how to fit it, and the benefits of this type of toilet, we have used one for many years now and still learnt something after talking to Karen when looking for a replacement.

As a disabled person I find the benefits well worth the money and having been a long term suffer of piles and having spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds on medication I can say that within 3 months of using this type of toilet I no longer suffer the pain inconvenience and cost of the problem ( other than odd occasions ) .

Washloo is a super company to do business with and Karen is great to talk to about anything and always goes out of her way to help, I needed one extra urgent and she pulled out all the stops to get me one inside 24 hours now that's service. I can recommend Washloo without hesitation to anybody needing or just starting out finding out about the benifits of a hygenic , healthy, cost saving , item for the benafit of all the family children included.

Keith G"

Excellent Customer Service & Unexpected Benefits.

"Excellent customer service & unexpected benefits
Washloo’s customer service is superb, assisting me to fit their products to all the toilets in my house, it even extended to post fitting assistance - I am very pleased with my new toilet seats and now have the personal goal of never wiping again at home."


Certainly would not like to be without one now

"Having moved to a smaller, new property, I was very disappointed to find that although we had ensuites with every bedroom, there was no room for bidets. However, we’ve had two Washloos (mine an Ultra VR, the John’s a Deluxe R) for the past 2 months: we’re very pleased with them both, and would certainly not be without them now.

The Washloos came by courier, well packed and in perfect condition on the day that had been promised. Having had electricity sources installed in our en suites by an electrician, the process of fitting the actual bidet seats by the plumber was very straightforward and easy, taking less than 90 minutes for both jobs. We found the instruction booklets simple to understand and were using our Washloos confidently from day one.

Before buying them I had spoken at length, and more than once, on the phone to Karen who encouraged a very honest, easy conversation covering all aspects of their use, a topic we don’t often speak about in any depth! I would encourage anyone considering buying one to take advantage of this opportunity, you can ask the most basic questions and get helpful, down to earth responses that help you make up your mind which of the models might suit your needs.

I can recommend these products unreservedly, and I truly hope and believe that they will become the norm eventually so that our descendants will find it hard to believe that people once had to manage with rolls and rolls of dry tissue that disintegrated on use."


Why did we wait so long?

"My wife and I are both pensioners and disabled. We are rather old-fashioned, but hygiene was becoming a problem due to our arthritis. We had considered replacing our current toilets with full units, but the expense was prohibitive (£1,800 each unit and we needed two of them); we put aside the idea. We saw another manufacturer demonstrating the "Japanese-style" loos at a mobility roadshow and were intrigued.
After some research, we contacted Karen at Washloo and she had a wonderful sense of humour, a necessary attribute when dealing with apprehensive customers on such a delicate subject. We sent her the measurements for the two W.C.'s and she came back with the recommended products, which we ordered straight away. They arrived in two days. We are not able to do even basic D.I.Y. and wanted to be completely safe, so had a plumber and electrician put the units in at a total cost of £230. For the price of one one of the complete units, we had two, fully installed, for less money. Our neighbour, having seen our units, bought two for his home too, but, fitted them himself. He, like us, swears by them now. They are easy to use, hygienic and leave you clean; what more does one need? I would highly recommend the Washloo bidet. Washloo themselves are professional, customer friendly and have a sense of humour."


Great Looking Seat

Alex Flatley on Mar 01, 2019

"This is a very smart bidet that fits great on my loo. I have had it for about a month now.
Feels sturdy under you and I am pleased with the way the functions work. I soon got used to using the remote controller.
The plumber didn't take long and putting it in was easier than I thought.
Really pleased.
Thank you"



"bought a washloo 6 weeks ago changed my life great company to deal with sent it to wicklow in 3 days"


Classic Remote installed months ago

"This is our first 'Japanese toilet' , purchased by me primarily for use by my husband who has had several strokes. We had to change the toilet pan to accommodate the seat, so phone to discuss before purchase. We chose the remote for cleanliness and so assistance with operating it could be easily provided if necessary. It works well, has improved previous difficulties with hygiene and dignity and reduced the need for carers to attend. Money saved on frequent visits from carers very quickly balanced out the initial expense.
I recommend these to everyone in advance of need, although a very simple idea they can benefit everyone and if installed prior to illness or particular need then familiarity with use would be a great advantage."


Worth it's Weight in Gold

"Worth it's Weight in GOLD. Looks GREAT, EASY to operate and a JOY to use. Was easily installed by contractors refitting the new wet room. Warmed seat. 3 ways to wash with adjustable water temps and pressure. Adjustable Hot air dryer. Even a soft option for kids.
Customer Service is OUTSTANDING. Following an email with reference to a remote control malfunction, a replacement was swiftly supplied (arrived in 2 days) complete with sync instructions and return postage for the faulty part for their inspection.
Invaluable addition to the household. Perfect in every way. 👍👍👍👍👍"


Washloo Service

"I have been in contact with Karen at Washloo for several weeks for information on the Prestige complete and the service has been impeccable.
This friendly, knowledgeable lady has been a joy to speak to. Far better than salespeople who have no idea of the of their product without have to consult someone else."


Expensive but worth it

"Tried one of these toilets for the first time in a Laura Ashley Hotel, thought it was good then so decided I should have one.
Easy to install and easy to use. The after sales help was great.
A little expensive for a toilet but it does everything a toilet/bidet should and more.
Very happy :) :)"



"Well...... Where to start..... After a trip to Japan I couldn't be without one! After much deliberation, homework and research I decided on the Washloo Classic and I can certainly confirm it far outclasses others on the market for the build quality, appearance and functions let alone the realistic price! Well done Washloo! Will be installing more of these in the rest of the bathrooms in our house!"


Every Home Should Have One

"On my first sitting I was convinced ! Every home should have one .... My derrier is squeaky clean. Even my husband who didn't understand the purchase at first is now hooked .... no more baby wipes clogging the system for us .... WASHLOO is the future in loo seats ! Brilliant..... and compared to others on the market a realistic price !"


Excellent, well done Washloo!

"Hi just a short note to say how pleased we are with our Washloo Classic R, also the excellent customer service from your team, who arranged the delivery and fitting within days! We find this method cleansing so much more hygienic and efficient and will be recommending to family and friends !"