Luxury Electric Bidet Toilet Seats by Washloo®

Washloo is the UK's only domestic Luxury Electric Bidet Toilet Seat brand, dedicated to providing high quality bathroom experiences and excellent service.

Our range of Electric Bidet Toilet Seats combine luxury design with effective technology in an "attachable" format, meaning that you can simply add a Washloo Bidet to your existing toilet.

Elegantly Designed For UK Bathrooms

Our bidet toilet attachments fit 98% of UK toilets and come as elongated or round/short seating to suit your existing toilet.

It's simple to upgrade from a standard non-bidet toilet without the need for construction (see our Bidet Fitting Guide). We offer help and guidance in choosing the right bidet toilet seat for you - please contact our Customer Services team with any questions you may have.

Comprehensively Guaranteed

All Washloo products come with the most comprehensive guarantee available: our 24-Month Guarantee is the UK's longest and includes free replacement without investigation. Terms do apply, please get in touch for full details.

Discover the Washloo range

The full Washloo range of Luxury Bidet Toilet Seats is designed to provide a superior bathroom experience and retain dignity. Please see each product for full details.

Washloo®Intelligently Clean, and that's the Bottom Line!