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Smart Toilets: How They Work and the Benefits

Smart technology is becoming more commonly used in UK households. However, when it comes to smart toilets, the UK falls behind, as they were first made popular in Japan during the 80s. Smart toilets are the best way to add a splash of luxury to your bathroom and enhance hygiene. But what exactly are they, and could your home benefit from one?

What is a smart toilet?

A toilet with built-in smart technology is considered a smart toilet, but this can include a smart toilet seat attached to a standard toilet, or an all-in-one smart toilet unit. After using the toilet, a smart bidet toilet seat will clean you with jets of water, like a regular bidet, but they also use sensory systems to interact with the user automatically. You can often adjust the water spray settings to suit your preferences with many smart toilets being commonly controlled by a remote.

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What can a smart toilet do?

As well as automatic flushing and water sensors, smart toilets can contain numerous other helpful functions. 

Some smart toilets provide nightlights, so you don’t need to turn on blinding overhead lights when using the toilet in the middle of the night which can disrupt your sleeping pattern. Slow closing seats also ensure you don’t wake anyone up by accidentally slamming it shut. For further convenience, sensory features enable the lid to automatically open and close.

You can even get seat warmers for added comfort and to avoid the shock of sitting on a cold toilet during winter. On top of this, some smart toilets offer a drying function with multiple temperature settings.

Deodorisers are incorporated into some smart toilet systems too, so you can keep your home smelling fresh and hide any potential odours.

How can a smart toilet benefit you?

  • Eco-friendly

Smart toilets allow you to maintain a sustainable lifestyle as they can lower your water use by sensing how much water is needed to flush the exact amount. The water and air dryer features also remove the need for toilet paper. Although smart toilets use electricity, some models have energy-saving modes to limit your energy consumption.

  • Hygienic 

The automatic seat feature and automatic flushing ensure no contact is required when using the appliance. Some smart toilets also include self-cleaning functions, so you don’t have to spend time scrubbing it manually.

  • Accessibility

The smart features of a smart bidet toilet seat make it extremely easy to use this model of toilet, making them ideal for the elderly or people with disabilities.

  • Suit different users

There are a range of smart toilets on offer to suit a variety of ages, genders and needs. Some models incorporate a ‘feminine wash function’ to suit female users. Smart toilets with a ‘kids function’ are more suitable for children, too, as the seat sensors are adaptable to small users by reducing the pressure of the flushing and cleaning cycles.

  • Space-saving

The all-in-one smart toilets look incredibly sleek in the home and are far more compact than regular toilets, making them ideal for those with smaller bathrooms that need to utilise space.

Whether you’re redesigning your bathroom, or just refreshing it with a few minor touches, a smart toilet is a great piece of technology to include to benefit your home’s hygiene, accessibility, and environmental footprint.

Want to upgrade your bathroom with a smart toilet?

Washloo is the UK’s sole domestic luxury smart toilet and bidet toilet seat brand. The company provides high-quality bathroom experiences and added convenience for those with toilet support needs. The range of smart toilets includes toilet seat attachments that fit 98% of UK toilets, with some models that can be adjusted to suit your existing toilet.

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