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The Bathroom Colour Scheme Trends of 2022

The Bathroom Colour Scheme Trends of 2022

Steven Evans |

Bathroom renovations have become a highly popular way of adding value to a house. A recent survey by Statista revealed that new bathrooms are the most popular home improvement upgrade in the UK, with over 1 in 3 respondents opting to renovate their bathrooms between 2017 and 2020.

Bathrooms hold a lot of influence over the retail value of a house. Research shows that out of date or poorly decorated kitchens and bathrooms put 86% of potential UK buyers off buying a property.  57% even go as far saying that it would make them reduce their offer. 

A new bathroom, however, adds significant value to your property. According to Phil Spencer, of Location, Location, Location fame, low-cost updates to a dated bathroom, such as new taps, a new toilet, or a fresh coat of paint, can add up to £7,000 to a property’s overall value.

Regardless of whether you’re splashing out on a state of the art smart toilet or want to add modern fittings and colour schemes to a dated en-suite, our team at Washloo understands the importance and value of a quality bathroom.

Our team looked into the decorations and designs trending in 2022, along with the top bathroom colour schemes - revealed by analysing thousands of the most popular Pinterest bathroom posts.

How to Redecorate Your Bathroom

Muted, neutral colours give the impression of freshness, making them the natural choice for bathroom colour schemes. These minimalist shades help to create calming spaces to enjoy relaxing baths and day-to-day cleanliness routines.

With regards to resale, an understated look gives prospective buyers the creative freedom to imagine themselves living there and how they would put their own twist on the design.

Design Trends

These days, Scandinavian-style interiors are all the rage, especially when it comes to the bathroom. Blends of soft, subtle hues creates a sleek, modern and minimalist look that makes the room feel serene.

For bathrooms, minimalism should extend beyond the colour scheme. Reducing clutter is essential for generating the perfect, relaxing environment.

For the ultimate sleek and minimalist bathroom, upgrade taps, shower heads, and toilets to transform the look of the room and user experience. Single lever mixed taps, such as the waterfall variety, are currently on trend - as are fixed head showers with concealed piping. The premium Washloo models, which don’t have the bulky cistern found on most toilets, are becoming more popular as this trend of concealed utilities and sleek minimalism grows.

Minimalist Colour Palettes

As humans, we are highly receptive to our surroundings and react to certain colours in different ways. How we respond to colours depends on its saturation and brightness. 

While bright and highly saturated colours energise, less saturated colours have a calming effect. It is worth considering the emotions you want to feel in each room and the colours that can evoke these emotions before deciding on colour schemes.

Let’s Talk Paint

For bathrooms, it is best to use pared back, minimalist colour palettes that are conducive to a relaxing atmosphere. 

Harsh shades of white can evoke feelings of unease and anxiety, while warm whites create a clean and refreshing environment that makes us feel relaxed. 

Neutral browns also make a good choice for bathroom walls as we associate these shades with nature, contentment and security, all of which produces a similarly calming environment.

Grey walls are a very popular choice right now, they offer an edgy elegance that makes us feel peaceful and balanced. 

Most Popular Paint Shades for Bathrooms 2022

The team at Washloo researched bathroom colour trends to find the most on-trend shades to paint bathrooms in 2022. They ran the most popular search term for bathroom inspiration - bathroom ideas - through a tool that returns the most popular colours in thousands of Pinterest posts appearing for this result. Around 110,000 people have flicked through these colour schemes this past year.

Here are the results:

  1. Modern Grey R205F
  2. Apollo R2B
  3. Country Vicarage X11R9C
  4. Shrouded Lace R288E
  5. Summer Grey R206E
  6. Heather Orchid X4R17C
  7. Silver Bonnet R288D
  8. Frisky Whiskers X1R1C
  9. Highland Loch R193D
  10. Copper Patina R10
  11. Stone Age R205D
  12. Burlap Sack X38R78D
  13. Finch Feather X40R89E
  14. Willow Warbler R91E
  15. Tarnished Shilling R287B
  16. West of the Moor R74F

With all of the most desirable shades being neutral and muted, it seems that the understated look is leaving the biggest impression. 

While shades such as Modern Grey R205F make a desirable modern bathroom, renovators can also add a splash of colour with a feature wall using the shades Country Vicarage X11R9C, Heather Orchid X4R17 or Copper Patina R109D.

Many of the colours featured can be combined to create a modern colour scheme too.

So, there we have Washloo’s roundup of the design trends and colour schemes that’ll transform your bathroom in 2022. If you’re looking for a new toilet to complement your renovation, view our collection of smart toilets for your next premium throne.


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