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How to Incorporate Japandi into Your Home

How to Incorporate Japandi into Your Home

Steven Evans |

The history of Japandi

Japandi is a combination of east meets west. With influences from minimal Scandinavian design and elements of the relaxed Japanese style, Japandi is a harmonious partnership from across the globe. It can be easily observed in a home that has a neutral cloud-like colour palette, minimal aesthetic and simple, functional design.

Although the trend is a relatively new concept in the UK, it has a timeless quality. Japandi became more popular throughout 2021 and continues to be a strong interior trend in 2022. Google trends reported a 122% increase in the search term ‘Style Japandi’, with search volumes achieving 6,000 a month, demonstrating the longevity of this effortless style.

How to incorporate Japandi into your home

When describing Japandi, terms such as natural tones, minimal and sustainability surface. 

Natural tones such as delicate whites and cloudy greys provide the perfect base for this interior concept. Contrasted with stark blacks and deeper greys, the colour palette has a grounding effect. Bringing in elements of greenery with plants, is another way that the connection between the natural elements and interiors blend seamlessly to create the perfect Japandi haven.

The sleek, minimal and simple aura of the Japandi trend lends itself well to all styles of home ranging from new build developments to period properties. One way to incorporate a Japandi feel into a home is by decluttering. Keeping surfaces and shelving clear of clutter is a surefire way to achieve this look. Turning books around so that they look uniform in colour is another way to achieve this look quickly and in a cost effective way.

Sustainability and eco-conscious practices are on the increase, with many households in the UK making small changes to their routine to be more environmentally friendly. The search term ‘sustainable design’ is up 90% in 2022 versus 2021. A large part of the Japandi trend is finding ways to be more eco-conscious around the home. Start by making small swaps to reusable washcloths and sponges made from natural materials. If you can, make bigger commitments by utilising sustainably made furniture or eco conscious bathroom tech.

Japandi style bathrooms

Being conscious about how each item in the home can contribute towards sustainability is what Japandi is all about.  

In the bathroom, start with the natural tones of wooden elements and white appliances. Contrast these everyday neutrals with stark black tones. Add green elements to enhance the presence of life in the room.

As well as decor, practical products can compliment a Japandi inspired bathroom. Bring in eco friendly, minimalist tech that reduces usage of water and energy, while bringing minimalist luxury into your home. 

5 Japandi Themed Bathroom Products

Bidet Toilet Seat

The Washloo range of bidet toilet seats incorporate the latest toilet technology with a sleek and luxurious design. This range encapsulates the Japandi aesthetic by combining functionality and appearance with its all-in-one design. With intelligent power saving mode and ability to save on toilet roll costs, this bidet toilet seat is a top choice for bathroom tech. 

While the cost of a toilet paper pack may not seem like much, it adds up over time. The average Brit uses 127 rolls each year, and for a family of four using ply-3, this can cost up to £274.32 annually.

Bamboo Bath Mats

Bamboo is durable, renewable, and sustainable. It should come as no shock that this is a favoured material in Japandi design. Japandi inspired bamboo bath mats are the perfect addition to any bathroom. Adding wooden details not only brings natural elements inside, but it feeds into the aesthetic by creating an effortless look.

Water Saving Showers

Eco friendly options have become the shower of choice for most households. The search term ‘water saving shower head’ has increased by 100% in the last year according to Google trends. When finding a Japandi style shower, look for water saving and energy efficient showers that fit in with the core colours, such as black and have a minimalist design. This winning combination will ensure the bathroom is at the forefront of Japandi design.

Wooden Bathroom Storage

Wooden textures and tones compliment a Japandi inspired bathroom. Combine the two defining factors of this style by adding under the sink storage in wooden tones. This storage will allow for clutter to be hidden, contributing to a minimalist feel. The wooden tones will also bring cohesion to the overall Japandi aesthetic. 

Automatic Taps

Automatic taps are another great product to contribute towards a more Japandi mindset and design. These types of taps reduce water flow as they shut off as soon as they aren’t being used. When choosing the perfect tap for a Japandi-led bathroom, take into consideration a minimalist design. Blending the streamlined, eco conscious aspects of an automatic tap is perfect for a Japandi style home. 

So, there we have Washloo’s roundup of how to incorporate Japandi into your bathroom in 2022. If you’re looking for a new toilet to complement your renovation, view our collection of smart toilets for your next premium throne.

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