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Why Is the Cost of Toilet Paper Rising?

Why Is the Cost of Toilet Paper Rising?

Steven Evans |

The cost of toilet paper has surged by 15.6% in the past year, despite the typical roll being shortened by 6-8%. Toilet papers are not only getting shorter - but they’re also getting narrower too. So, why is there a price increase for paper hygiene products in the UK and why are they reducing in size?

Of course, toilet paper is not the only item on the market spiralling in price, disposable wipes, kitchen roll, tissue and other paper hygiene products are also increasing, making paper hygiene supplies the fastest rising non-food items on the UK market.

It is now more expensive than ever to produce toilet rolls, which is why there are production shortages and higher prices across the UK. To help make sense of what is going on, Washloo has created this guide to help you understand why the cost of toilet paper is rising.

What Is Causing Toilet Paper Price to Increase?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the toilet paper shortage was an early warning sign of supply-chain disruptions. Now, the cost of hygiene products is surging to an all-time high - but what is causing the rise in toilet paper price since? Let’s take a look.

Rising Energy Costs

Toilet paper price increase is mainly a result of rising energy prices. The toilet paper industry relies heavily on paper mills to manufacture paper hygiene products. With the cost of electricity rising, these factories are now struggling to manage production costs as they require a vast amount of energy to transfer wood into pulp and then into toilet tissue. 

In fact, this is a major issue across the whole of Europe, with many different production industries suffering.

Material Shortages

It is estimated that around 24 trees are needed to make a single ton of toilet paper. With a national shortage, the cost of lumber and wood pulp are now higher than ever which leaves manufacturers competing for raw materials.

A material shortage is also an after-effect of the pandemic. Some factories use recycled paper to make toilet rolls, and with a shortage of office waste over the COVID-19 pandemic, recycled tissue is also in short supply. Toilet paper manufacturers have had to increase their prices to cover this.

With almost every company around the world looking to make their products and packaging more sustainable with greener alternatives such as paper and cardboard, competition for raw materials has significantly grown. With the pandemic allowing for more online shopping, increasing the use of cardboard boxes for packaging goods, the scarcity has pushed up the price of wood pulp, the raw material that paper and cardboard are made from.

Factory Closures

Until recently, the UK government has focused on helping households with the rising energy costs, without assisting the manufacturing industry. Many manufacturers now have no option but to cease production.

With many factories under pressure from rising costs and staff shortages from the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of organisations have been forced to close. 


It is predicted that toilet rolls will continue to soar in price. Apart from manufacturers increasing the cost of toilet roll, how else can we solve this issue? Well, the only other way to be cost-effective is to reduce the amount of waste. 

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