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Water Saving Technology: How to Save Water at Home

Water Saving Technology: How to Save Water at Home

Steven Evans |

In the UK, the average person uses up to 140 litres of water a day. Overtime, the supply of water is becoming more and more scarce with the number of droughts increasing year on year. Water is a vital resource to save, especially during the recent hosepipe ban across the UK. 

As climate change presents us with more unpredictable weather, we need to get to grips with reducing water consumption at home. Here at Washloo, we’ve put together this guide to help you save money and conserve more water.

6 Ways to Save Water: Water Saving Tips

  • Replace Baths with Showers

  • The average shower uses less water than the average bath, so if everyone in a family of four replaces one bath a week with a shower, up to £10 a year (according to the Energy Saving Trust) could be saved on water bills (if you have a water meter). 

  • Spend Less Time in the Shower

  • Shortening your showers by one minute could save a huge amount of water and reduce your water bill by around £8 per year. Turning the shower off when applying shampoo and conditioner and trying to cut down the time you spend in the shower can help to reduce the volume of water that is wasted.

  • Make Sure You Turn the Tap Off

  • Always make sure you turn the tap off when you’re shaving, washing up or brushing your teeth. A running tap can waste around 5 litres of water per minute so every second is vital. 

    A dripping tap can waste more than 5,300 litres of water per year, so it is important to make sure the tap is turned off properly after use.

  • Fill Washing Machines and Dishwashers Before Use

  • Only use your dishwasher or washing machine if it is full. When using your dishwasher or washing machine, always put it on the most economical setting or wash at around 30 degrees to save water.

  • Use a Bowl to Wash the Pots

  • It may sound surprising, but a huge amount of people actually use a running tap to wash their pots. Rather than using the tap, invest in a washing up bowl as it takes a lot less time to fill than running the tap or filling up the whole sink.

  • Only Fill the Kettle With the Amount of Water You Need 

  • When making hot drinks, only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need e.g. 2 cups. Generally, kettles have a measurement on the side to tell you how much water you’ll need for the amount of cups you are making. Reducing the amount of water you put in the kettle can not only conserve water but help you to reduce your energy bills too.

    Conserving Water: Water Saving Devices

    With the above tips in mind, how else can you reduce the amount of water you use at home? Here’s some water saving devices you can invest in to reduce your overall spend and conserve more water.

    Smart Toilet 

    Investing in a smart toilet allows you to maintain a luxury lifestyle while saving a huge amount of water at home. The water and air dryer feature also reduces your spending on toilet roll which in turn, minimises your environmental impact.

    A smart toilet minimises the amount of water you use by sensing how much water is required to flush. Generally, a normal low-flush toilet will use around 6 litres of water to flush. However, our smart toilets, here at Washloo, use around 2-2.5 litres of water per flush which is less than half the amount the average toilet uses.

    Kitchen Tap Aerator 

    A kitchen tap aerator can help your tap become more efficient. The aerator fits onto your existing kitchen tap and reduces the amount of water coming out without significantly affecting the water pressure. Using a kitchen tap aerator could help you to save up to 40 litres of water per day.

    Kitchen Sink Plug

    Surprisingly, a large number of the population do not have a plug in their kitchen sink. A universal plug can help to save water when doing the dishes as you will no longer have to run the tap, just simply fill up the bottom of the sink and save up to 30 litres of water per day.

    Garden Hose Gun

    If you tend to water the garden a lot, or even wash your car using the hose pipe, a garden hose gun is essential to save water. Fitting a gun attachment to your existing hose pipe can control when you use the water instead of it continuously running while you walk back and forth to the tap. Hose pipe gun attachments use up to 50% less water per use.

    However, remember to NEVER use your hose pipe during a hose pipe ban as this is illegal.

    New Shower Head

    Switching to a more efficient shower head can help to conserve water. A regulated shower head will reduce the amount of water you use per shower, without affecting the water pressure. A more efficient shower head could help you to save you around 40 litres of water per day.

    Shower Timer

    Shortening the time you spend in the shower means less water will go down the drain. Investing in a shower timer can help you to stick to the four minute rule and save a huge volume of water daily.

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