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The Benefits of Smart Toilets for the Elderly

The Benefits of Smart Toilets for the Elderly

Steven Evans |

Smart toilets add a splash of luxury to your bathroom, whilst also enhancing hygiene. But what exactly are they, and how can elderly people benefit from them?

Did you know:  In a Smart Home Week survey completed in the UK, respondents voted a self-cleaning toilet as the most desired smart home addition - making this a perfect addition to bathrooms for the whole family.

These toilets can also include separate smart components such as an automatic toilet seat that will clean you with jets of water like a regular bidet, reducing the need for the elderly person to be on their feet for longer than is necessary, and upping your bathroom’s general hygiene.

Benefits of smart toilets for the elderly

  • Hygiene

For users who may have mobility issues, a clean, hygienic toilet trip is even more important. Smart toilets can include built-in deodorizers to keep their home smelling fresh, creating as pleasant a bathroom experience as possible. Hygiene is also taken into account with the remote option available with all our smart toilets. This reduces the need to close and open the toilet seat, eliminating the risk of touching any bacteria around the toilet. 

  • Safety

Apart from hygiene, these toilets can help to keep your elderly loved ones safe through the night with built-in nightlights. We all know how important getting a good sleep is. Rather than bright lights which are more likely to disrupt sleeping patterns and sleep quality, these softer lights make for a much less disorientating experience if you need the bathroom throughout the night.

In a family bathroom shared by everyone in the household, safety features can have a positive impact on your whole family's quality of life also. If the elderly person lives with someone they may get woken up by them using the toilet. This likelihood is reduced with slow closing seats that ensure the person going to the toilet doesn't wake anyone up by accidentally slamming the seat shut.

  • Comfort

One of the most important factors to consider is comfort - your elderly loved ones only deserve the biggest of luxuries. Smart toilets are also a form of comfort toilet, with heated seats and remote controls with buttons. For elderly people more prone to arthritis or mobility issues, removing the need to grab cumbersome handles or flush buttons can make for a much smoother toilet trip. 

Another added comfort includes heated toilet seats, making for a more pleasant experience, especially in the winter months. 

Extra benefits 

  • Sophisticated aesthetic

Apart from giving your elderly loved ones increased space (especially if they have a smaller bathroom), the designs of smart toilets are slick and modern, adding a fresh new style to your bathroom.

  • Eco-friendly 

Following an initial investment, smart toilets can help your home become more sustainable, as well as saving you money on toilet paper costs. Due to the water spray and air dryer functions you will no longer need to buy toilet roll, which will prevent the shocking statistics below from getting worse: 

  • It takes 37 gallons of water to produce one single toilet paper roll. 
  • 98% of toilet paper is produced from ‘virgin pulp,’ a kind of pulp that is created from whole trees. In the end, toilet paper production accounts for roughly 15% of current deforestation and consumes approximately 15 million trees each year.
  • Toilet paper habits for a family of four contribute the same amount of carbon as cutting down 27 trees.
  • Toilet paper makes up 15% of all the paper products in landfills.

Smart toilets can also lower your water use in comparison to regular toilets. Thanks to jet flush technology, as little as 1.5 - 2.5 litres are used per flush.

  • Suitable for different users

If you live with your elderly loved ones, this comfort toilet won’t just be beneficial to them, but is also suitable for a wide range of different genders and ages.

  • For women, many units have a ‘feminine wash’ setting which provides a sanitary and convenient wash.
  • Children are able to apply the kids setting before they use the smart toilet, which reduces the pressure of cleaning and flushing cycles, and removes the worry of excess paper being used. 

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Our modern bathroom designs fit seamlessly into your environment, offering you and your family a luxurious bathroom experience, alongside upgraded comfort. 

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